MicroFinance Through SHG's

We at MAGFinserv aims with the objective to be the financial provider for the people or the group of people with the Finance for the the Upliftment of the Rural population.We also look forward for the growth in the women empowerment through the Microfinance.Self help groups of women are finance under this category who are in business. We have a easy and quick process with minimum document requirement.


Our Features

Loan available for Groups

Loan available for group activities for upliftment of Rural population.

Minimum Documents

We provide the microfinance with minimum document and quick process for the bright future of the needy

Finance for Womens

We provide the finance to women who are self employed or have their own business.

Weekly Repayment

We come the facility of Weekly repayment for the Microfinance Loans


All the Security related to documents of Client is our responsibility.

Customer Support

We have a team who aims for satisfying solutions for all our customers.